Paidtologin is for sale

Ok, it's a sad news but since paidtologin doesn't produce me any money I chose to sell the site, it will be available for everyone wants to buy. Now let's list the pros and the cons:


1) you don't need to spend to advertise since the site contain in its name keywords that people continuously search for, so it's a source of free traffic.
2) It's established since years so ranks well in Google.
3) it has a huge database of members


1) since I'm not active on the site it's not producing any money at the time
2) you have to think ways to make it profitable but I'm sure that if you are on the PTC scene you know what works and what not.
3) if you are not a programmer you have to hire one to modify it or even better you have to buy a script that costs less and works better.

Said this, the auction starts from zero and can be mailed directly to, please put as subject ***** amount offered ***** please include the symbol * because I receive many spam mails so it can get confused so please put in the subject the following string ***** amount offered ***** of course instead of amount offered you'll write what you are willing to pay. Please send it to

The auction will end 23 january so on 24 january the winner will take the site as I'll move ( site expires on 3rd february so you have to pay the 12.99$ fee to the hosting company ), I'll put everyday the biggest offer. You can pay with your account balance included what you withdrew if not paid. You can find also a buyer and sell him for every price you want and make me a offer. Balances will not be paid but I tell you that all the money I do from it will be divided between members that have a balance superior, included withdrew, not paid to 100$. I know that someone will lose money but I lose money too and even time. For payment I'll accept only PerfectMoney but we can talk later about this a find an agreement.

the highest offer is:


Please mail your bid to